Welcome to Mathisi,

Mathisi Mini Classroom is a virtual learning platform for focused studies. Majorly important subjects High School Students must be excellent at in other to excel and to move to the next class or write School Certificate Exams at Junior and Senior Levels. All the subjects on Mathisi are based on the Nigerian National Secondary School Curriculum and have been vetted to ensure that only the highest teaching standards are deployed on the platform.

How it Works
Mathisi has dedicated workspaces for Students where they can access live tutor-led sessions, take and submit Homework, Tests and Quizzes that are created to teach reasoning and cognitive skills. In a bid to make learning interesting we offer fun games, downloads and many more. Students are required to log in and create a profile before gaining access to the full suite of options.

There are also dedicated workspaces for teachers to coordinate, monitor and administer classes. Teachers are also required to login and create a teacher profile on the platform.

The Approach
Mathisi delivers a combination of live learning sessions with other online and offline interactive material.

Courses covered on Mathisi include:

English Language
Further Mathematics